Over the fence

I have never rented a bicycle ever since I arrived here about two months ago. In Pare, everyone rides a bicycle to go to their English classes. I choose not to rent one.

Right now, I am staying in a dormitory named Samudra. Located about one kilometer from Elfast, I have to walk for about 10 minutes to the course everyday. I see it as a work out to exercise my fat belly. Besides, I am always eager to do it because I have to step my feet along a small irrigation canal separating beautiful large green rice fields from the bumpy narrow road of Kemuning street. Also, the fresh air of dawn is too good to be passed.

From monday until friday, my translation class begins at 5.30 am. The class is three times a day. The one in the morning is study club class which is taught by Ms. Santi. Two months ago, when I was in BP 1 Class, she was my main class’ teacher. Mr. Shon, my other teacher, once said, “Ms. Santi is so great in parenting.” But in BP 2, she taught the study club class while Mr. Shon taught the other class.


Every morning I see the wonderful scenery of mountain that surround Pare from all directions. Kelud rarely forgets to greet me from its curtain of thin mist, so do Mount Butak and Arjuno-Welirang.

I walk, after the study club, to the corner of Elfast’s second floor to get to the next class, the Story Writing, an interesting class where the students are taught how to use proper tenses in a composition, lectured by the founder of Elfast himself, Mr. Andre.

Once the class has finished, I go to Ordinary Room in which the main class of translation is. The class is usually teached by Mr. Andre. But since several days ago, Mr. Shon has replaced him and has been teaching us many interesting different things from what Mr. Andre has.

Next, I attend the second class of Story Writing. Never, even one single day, Mr. Andre forgets to give us difficult exercise to finish. He always reminds us, “Dive deeper into the composition, everybody.” But everytime we go out after the class is over, our way of thinking will be different.


I get a break from 11.30 am until 2.30 pm. I usually use it to find something to eat. Since my class begins at an unreasonable time everyday, I seldom have breakfast. “You’ll get typhus if you keep this habit!” Said one of my friends several days ago. I know that it is not healthy, but what to be done. I am pretty busy, though. I have three programs this period, a total of seven classes a day.

At 2.30 pm I go back to Ordinary Room for Writing. If you must know, this is one of my favorite classes. Once in two days Mr. Andre gives us a quite long paragraph in Bahasa Indonesia and asks us to translate it into proper English. We only get about one hour to do it. Soon as we finish, we only need to put it on his desk in the front of the class. The next day we will be given sheets consist of our writings which have been corrected. He will read it one by one and correct our false diction. He usually does it in a funny way so we often can’t stop laughing. Never a day pass without him saying, “Write with heart, everybody.”

Everyday, my activities at Elfast end at 8.00 pm as I go out from the study club of Writing. I will be very tired. But last week, I could not just go back to my dorm because I had to finish an article for an inflight magazine. In that I needed internet connection, I went to Jendela Mimpi Cafe every night.

You must know that my dorm is always locked at 10.00 pm. So everytime I go back late, well, I have to jump over the fence.



10 thoughts on “Over the fence

  1. My sister went there for a course too and she loves it there, she said that the environment is so nice and inspiring. Take more pictures, mate.

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